To participate in arbitrage requires a

Minimum Deposit

0.0099 BTC

Our "Cross B-69" bot produces daily profits of

0.50% - 1.50%

By initiating E.A. Bot ‘’Cross B-69’’ you become an active part of the Thebitshare community and will benefit from our technology until you get 100% profit from the capital you will decide to deposit in your account.

How it works

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Thebitshare is for sharing and to make it even more fun and profitable we have created a profitable yet sustainable marketing plan that will allow you to become a leader in the arbitrage sector and create teams at an international level.

For every referral you will receive a bonus up to the 5th level of depth.

For more details see the Referral System section.

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    Start Working With Thebitshare

    Due to the volatility, the cryptocurrency market it is very profitable, and you can earn both when the price goes up and when it drops but unfortunately only the experienced traders can do it, however, this does not prevent you from being able to participate safely and legally in the huge profits that this sector offers us every day; Either you can buy to ‘hodlare’ your cryptocurrencies and in the long term earn, or, participate now in our arbitrage system and earn automatically every day.

    Unlike trading, arbitrage involves zero risk because capital is not exposed to volatility, our E.A. Cross B-69 differs in having high frequency technology that seeks the best spread among the hundreds of exchanges to create profit both for us and for our customers. We at Thebitshare wish you the best choice. Have fun.

    Milestones and Roadmap

    Every passing year we want to repeat our history sharing with you through this section, all the steps that we consider precious since the creation of our company and subsequent developments, present and future; from this moment it will be your decision to become an active part in the history of arbitrage in this company.

    With bitcoin we rode the BullRun, getting about 700% profit with leverage.

    December 2017


    We have identified that most of the time the volume in this market is fake, and that we can take advantage of this by being a pioneer in.. We began hiring our team to plan our strategies that will be followed in the future.

    May 2018


    We launched our online platform specifically for arbitrage. We choose cryptocurrency arbitrage because it respects the law and it is profitable for both the investor and the company. It was only available locally.

    October 2018


    We went public with our arbitration system, started accepting registrations globally and received an overwhelming response.

    October 2019


    This was month in which we planned to launch our mobile friendly application (for Android) to make it more accessible, comfortable and fun for our customers.

    March 2020


    We will arbitrage with our cryptocurrency ''cross B-69'' listed on the main exchanges so that our customers will not only have the benefits of arbitrage, but also the exponential growth of Cross B-69

    March 2021


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