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We are accepting Bitcoin and USDT.

THebitshare It is an arbitrage platform in which anyone can participate and benefit from our knowledge, experience and technology for a common goal, which is to obtain profits from the variations of the exchange rates; because to the volatility, which characterizes this market, and the uniqueness of our Cross B-69 bot’s high frequency operation; Thebitshare arbitrage has evolved and is flourishing.

In economics and finance, arbitrage is an operation that buys an asset, cryptocurrency or financial security in one market then selling it on another market, exploiting price differences in order to make a profit. The operation is possible if the revenue obtained exceeds the costs for the transfer of the treated asset from one market to another. The whole operation must be without any risk for the operator or the system.

Arbitrage differs from speculation in that, while the former is a way of making money on price differences in different places, the latter works on the price differences of the same asset at different times. In other words, while speculation seeks profit by playing on the "time" factor (post-purchase sale and vice versa), arbitrage seeks it in the "space" factor (purchase and sale on two different markets).

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