About Company

Our mission is to share with you our passion for algorithmic cryptotrading.

Our reality was conceived in 2017 and put into practice becoming operational since 2018. From the beginning we specialised in the Crypto-currency market. We have analysed this emerging market and our traders, together with a team of programmers have combined knowledge and technology to give life to “Cross B-69”, an E.A Bot, programmed to operate with high frequency in any markets condition, to offer to our partners stability, security, efficiency, transparency in the outcome of our performance.

We are conscious that success in algorithmic trading depends on the knowledge and experience of the trader programmed in bot; however, this is not sufficient for long-term profitability, you need high frequency or the operational capacity translated in the speed that bot takes to carry out the arbitrage.

Why have we chosen CRYPTOMARKET ?

More than 33 million people are already using cryptocurrencies in Finance and Business; In addition, Bitcoin has already established itslef in both high finance and small investors, becoming one of the high performance options in the financial and investment markets with more than 2,500 listed cryptocurrencies; However, for many people this market contains some obstacles due to its variability and volatility, but if you have come this far, we are sure this will not be an obstacle for you because we will support you in becoming an active part amongst millions of people that win every day with the help of qualified experts and professionals who made our E.A bot “Cross B-69” a reality to obtain the best performances in the cryptocurrency market.

Our Objective

Our objective is to become the largest and most profitable arbitrage community where anyone can benefit from of our knowledge, experience and technology.

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