A few simple steps are needed

  • Register via the referral link of the person who recommended Thebitshare to you (If you don't have a sponsor, don't worry; you can participate directly by clicking on the top right "register")

  • Charge your account with the minimum of 0,0099 BTC

  • Activate E.A. “Cross B-69” in your account

  • Share with whomever you want this great opportunity with

  • Have Fun!

Account Ready

Your account is ready for use! When you register as a Member, you are only required to provide complete and accurate information about yourself ("Registration Data") As soon as you register on our platform and activate the bot, you are allowing us to connect your account to our system which will arbitrage on your behalf.

You can edit or update in a few clicks, your profile information such as full name, BTC address and password; from the settings menu. Moreover, through the google Authenticator application and / or with the security of our OTP system you activate two-factor security.


How it works ''Cross B-69''

“Cross B-69” utilizes different indicators to recognize incoming and outgoing transactions in the main exchanges where the volume is not fake, this gives an advantage over other commercial bot’s because it “foresees” volatility which follows a sudden shift of bitcoin or altcoin and the spread with respect to another exchange, so that we can carry out the best operations in the cryptocurrency market, fully automatic.

Your "Thebitshare" account is configured with our system in a way that everybody automatically get a proportional share of the 50% surplus earnings that the Cross B-69 will get from the arbitrage.

Cross B-69 is configured to function and operate among the most popular and principle exchanges such as BINANCE, BITFINEX, BITMEX, OKEX, BITTREX, KRAKEN, KUCOIN. ..

Money is the gear lever of the economic system we are all a part of; At Thebitshare we understand in the event of an unpredicted situation, you may need your capital. After 90 days of participation, the system releases participants capital, therefore you can choose to withdraw the entire deposit or re-enter the money into the system whenever you want.

We are all in good hands, with traders and programmers specialzed in this sector, just couldn’t be better!  We wish you a good stay and enjoyment in our platform. Enjoy your earnings!


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